The Future of Convenience.

The World’s First Intelligent Commerce Network

Convenience is evolving.

Consumer expectations around the delivery of goods has rapidly evolved over the past several years, forcing companies to shrink delivery times from next-day down to as little as 30 minutes. The overwhelming demand for this service has ushered in new opportunities to transform traditional e-commerce delivery into an always-on, always-available, concept called intelligent commerce.

Accel Robotics is powering the world's most efficient intelligent commerce network, combining 24/7 checkout-free shopping with ultrafast, on-demand delivery to meet consumers' rapidly evolving expectations.

Traditional models of convenient commerce are inefficient.

Traditional commerce models rely heavily on costly labor, legacy warehousing and inventory technologies, and environmentally damaging logistics. By deploying proprietary computer vision technology and machine learning-powered capabilities across a network of automated stores, we’re transforming intelligent commerce into a modern, scalable, and environmentally sustainable business.

Accurately Understanding the Position of People and Products in Space

The core of our autonomous store technology.

Accurately understanding the position of people and products in space is the key to unlocking profitable economics while maximizing customer satisfaction.

Our AI platform uses advanced machine learning and edge computing to track people, products, and their interactions in a defined space. With this real-time insight, we have the capability to accurately plan inventory selection, optimize store layouts, create hyper-efficient delivery routes, and make sure our staff is tending to the most important tasks, all in an effort to give the customer the best, most hassle-free experience possible.

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